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Expressing Genes

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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

Expressing GenesExpression of YFP using recombinant dna tech you want to produce drugs using recombinant approach ie insulin many proteins are hard to purify from native source Often bc their level of expression is low andor hard to purify from native source Recombinant dna tech increases expression level and provide approaches to purify proteinmany proteins are difficult to obtain from their native source bc of their level of expression andor difficulties in purificationRDT can increase expression and facilitate purification of YFPEcoli are most commonly used organism for expressing YFP they grow very quickly and inexpensively doublin time is around 20 min grow inexpensively they need cheap media few amino acid and sugar and they will grow quickly and high density Protein extracts are made easily they do have cell walls but break easily so you can make extract easily from ecoligenetic engineering is simple we know a lot about their molecular genetics and we can manipulate their genes
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