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Topic 21

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Biochemistry 2288A
Chris Brandl

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Topic 21Larger the molecule more chance of errors Cell treats all DNA changes as badcellinherited DNA from another cell so it should be the sametry to preserve it Missed the wrong base pair didnt fix it Top strand is going to be used as atemplate for synthesis of the offspring have a mutation which is nowpermanent no way to recognize that this is a problem because they have thecorrect pairsDeamination is a chemical reaction in which you lose an amine group and it isconverted to a carbonyl Get uracil and not cytosine This is why we dont have uracilin our DNAhow do you know if the U or the G is wrong This is why we dont haveboth Tend to change a CG into a TALosing a purineonly the base Break the glycosidic bond This is called an Abasicsite because you are missing the base in yellow on the right Nothing therewhenyou do replication there is no base there This can cause cell death because the DNAneeds to be fully replicated This is why we have translesion DNA polymeraseDNA polymerase stops because there is no base These polymerase go on they can gopast this problem They can go by these lesions but they are more error prone Dont know which base to put in because there is no way of knowing guesses Canput any base pair in All other previous are energetically favour
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