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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Biology 1001A Lecture 23: Communication Ecology II Outline:  Diversity, Trophic Levels, Complexity  Patterns in Diversity  Succession, Disturbances, More Diversity! Demonstrating Competition  Competition is major factor that shapes communities and affects the locations of species (habitats)  2 species of mussels o Smaller species are found on shallow portions of rocks o Larger species are found deeper portion of rocks  Experiment shows that if your remove larger species, the smaller expand to deeper portions AND shallow portions.  If you remove shallow water species, nothing happens. Larger species remain in deep area o Therefore, competition does affect structure of a community, distribution of mussels. o It ALSO tells us that the deep-water species are better competitors. Affects the presence of the smaller species in the deep water. Species Richness, Evenness, Diversity  Species Diversity of a community reflects 2 aspects: o Species Richness  Number of different species in a community o Evenness  Abundance of those different species Trophic Levels  “Food-Web”  What the specie eats and what eats it, is the trophic level o Level I is Primary Producers (photosynthetic plankton) o Level II are the Primary Consumers o Level III Secondary Consumers o Level IV Tertiary Consumers o Level V+ …  Majority of energy green plants produce does NOT make it to the food chain top o Rest of this energy dissipates because energy is lost when animal dies. This energy goes to the decomposing chain.  Complex Community
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