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Lecture 8

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Biology 1002B
Denis Maxwell

Lecture 8: integrated Metabolism 1. Change in respiration rate (oxygen consumption) in isolated mitochondria by NADH, ADP, uncoupler  Add mitochondria to an oxygen electrode chamber o Rate of 2 consumption measures rate of respiration o Amount of oxygen decreases o Isolated mitrochondria have no source of substrate  Disconnected from glycolysis so no pyruvate  Quickly deplete NADH  Add NADH at 4 minutes o The rate of the electron transport should go up o Rate of consumption of2O decreases even faster o Adding substrate (NADH)  Add ADP at 6 minutes o Rate of consumption of2O ↓ even faster o Becomes harder and harder to pump protons if proton + ADP  ATP doesn’t occur  No ADP in isolated mitochondria then low pH becomes very low since lots of protons  Add uncoupler at 8 minutes o Rate of consumption of O2 ↓ at fastest (highest rate) o There’s no more respiratory control o No proton gradient because H+ just diffuses through o Very easier to oxidize NADH and pump protons 2. Definition of respiratory control and how it is accomplished (proton gradient).  Regulatory mechanism o controls rate of ETC according to need via a direct influence of electrochemical proton gradient o ADP controls rate of ET  the lots of NAD
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