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Biology 1002B
Denis Maxwell

Lecture 25: Life as a Complex System 1. Explain the different colours of reaction in the microarray of Fig 15.20.  Normal/control cell use nucleotides with green fluorescent  Cancer/experimental cell use nucleotides with red fluorescent  Coloured spots on microarray indicate where labelled cDNAs bound to gene probes attached to chip o Which genes were active in normal and/or cancer cells o Pure green – active in normal but not cancer o Pure red – active in cancer but not normal o Yellow – active in both cells o Other colours tells us relative levels of gene expression 2. Summarize characteristics of complex systems (from TedX talk at left).  Game Theory – success of one person depends on the choices of another person  Complex systems – outcome is more elaborate than the sum of its parts 3. Direct causal Emergent Explanatory Schema  Interaction of subgroup of agents can cause  Interaction among entire collection of observable pattern agents “causes” pattern  Interaction of some agents might have  Interaction among agents give rise to central controlling effects on the pattern decentralized or distributed control  Direct correspondence between interaction  Interactions among agents and overall and the pattern pattern are not necessarily aligned o ↑Interaction = ↑ pattern  Agents interact to achieve local goals only  Some interaction are “intentional” to o Global pattern emerges from achieve a global goal (pattern) undirected local interactions  Pattern arises from additive summing of  Patterns arise from net effect of all particular sequential events interactions  E.g. sequential story  Characteristics of the whole are not predictable by knowledge of the parts  Not causal or emergent white noise (equal  Dynamic attractors emerge on boundary amount of all frequencies in a range shows between high order and high disorder flat line; no relationship)  E.g. complex systems (life, humans), traffic o Pink noise is more ordered and not jams, Zipf’s Law of language (frequency of random any word is inversely proportional to its rank in frequency table), earthquakes, healthy heart rate  E.g. pink noise – sound where short waves/
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