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Lecture 13

Biology Lecture 13 Outcomes

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

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Lecture 13 All the proteins in blue, are coded by genes that are no longer in the chloroplast Chloroplasts genome is typically prokaryotic, environment inside the organelle  Circular genome is a prokaryotic characteristic  Genes on that genome are transcribed and translated in the chloroplasts  Chloroplasts have own ribosomes **Theme: how to eukaryotes and prokaryotes do things differently Everything alive uses DNA, and uses similar gene expression. All life is similar, now how is it slightly different fro each other? What kind of information if in the genome, where is the gene exactly? How does cell get information out of DNA? mRNA: can pair with itself giving it a secondary and tertiary structure that contains information.  The structure itself can have info  Not just the sequence   riboswitch: influences translation of the mRNA Complimentary base paring  mRNA+ mRNA  tRNA+ tRNA  ribosomal RNA (orange) base pairs with itself and is catalytic o catalytic properties leis in the RNA not in the protein Protein: DNA polymerase  many genes code for RNA, and RNA doesn’t get translated, its RNA  Red part codes for protein  Green part is regulatory part, attract attention of RNA polymerase  RNA polymerase binds onto pr
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