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Bio1201A: Meiosis.doc

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Biology 1201A
Richard Gardiner

PLANTCELLWALL Thinker than plasma membrane Strong Composed of cellulose fibers which are embedded in polysaccarhidesPLASMODESMATA Plasma membraneactive transport part of cell wallINTERCELLULAR JUNCTIONSDesmossomes Two cells attached by intercellular filamentsTight Junctions Stop material from moving between cells forms a sealGap Junctionsintercellular connections between animal cellsKNOW Parts of cell and functions Compare and contrastWHAT DO CELLS NEED TO SURVIVE Set of genetic infoinstructions Produce required molecules Direct life processes All of these functions are a part of the DNA codingWHY DO CELLS DIVIDE Growth multicellular organisms Repair Development from child to adultCELL CYCLE Cell grows replicated and divides to 2 daughter cellsFEATURES OF CELL DIVISION Transmit a complete copy of DNA Transmit materials necessary for cell survivalPROKARYOTIC CELL No nucleusDNA in cytoplasm No membrane bound organelles One circular chromosome DIVISION OCCURS THROUGH BINARY FISSIONPROKARYOTIC CHROMOSOMES Circular DNAEUKARYOTIC CELL CELL DIVISION CALLED MITOTIC CELL DIVISION Have a nucleusEUKARYOTIC CHROMOSOMES Linear DNACHROMOSOMES Can only be visible when they are highly condensed Sizes andof chromosomes vary with speciesEUKARYOTIC CHROMOSOME STRUCTURE Coiled upcompact 46 chromosomes Average length4 cmCHROMATIN DNAbound proteinchromatin
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