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Biology 2217B
Richard Gardiner

Biotech  Input vs output trait o Input trait that helpsthe farmer o Output helps everyone and has benefit for consumer  Input trait – bt toxin, insecticide gene put in with the corn o There is the chance that insect will develop resistance o Have to plant a refuge crop, plants without toxin so 5% of the crop is fed on o This ensures resistance doesn’t develop or as fast  Golden rice – vitamin a is placed inside the rice o People in countries in which rice is main staple lack vit a bc of lack of whole grain rice contained o Vitamin A defiecincy – night blindness and irreversible blindness o Bioengineered risce to contain it in the starch o Seeds lack phytoene synthase and etc; the lacking genes were placed in o Found that golden rice contained carotene but low levels; found that synthase of corn was more efficient as a phytoene synthase Molecular farming  Using plants to produce pharmeceuticals o Biopharmeceuticals are next wave of drugs o More expensive – o Ecoli can produce simple proteins (no posttranslational modif) o Yeast – can hyper glycosylate o Mammalian cells – CHO cells – very expensive to reproduce  Plants recombinant proteins o Cary wide variety of proteins o Free from human pathogens  Pfizer – acquire
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