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Lecture 2

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 2What organisms occur where and why they occur there Only some species are going to exist herecertain characteristics of the area Climate variabilityhuge drought about 10 years ago coupled with beetle infestation killed many animals Why do we see this variabilitySalmon declines case study Fisherman were reporting these declinesa lot of controversy because they were blaming a lot on in land People were worried about dam construction that blocks their path sediment and water pollution and catching too manyMaybe sometimes happening in the oceans thats affecting the adults Looking at patterns of high fish production and low fish production Start to notice that it is associated with the climateYear to year ossiclationsavg themperiods of high production in the 20s30s then drops then goes upconsistent pattern for bothwhat is causing this Differences in productions in Alaska up North compared to down south in OregonWashington This had a lot to do with changes I nsea temperaturesPacfic decay ossicilationnoticed the fish productions so they looked at the climatewarm phases in the north then cool phases in the northa lot of nutrients Cool periods with a lot of nutrients therefore a lot of biomass and essentially more Energy coming form the sunincoming solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and some is reflected off cloudssurfaceonly half is absorbed by WhyEquator its going upa lot of rian at the ewuatorhits the stratospheremove
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