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Lecture 5

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Lecture 5 Radiantphotosynthetic organisms Kinetictemperature Photosynthetic organisms and how they capture light Kinetic energytemperaturedemands of an organism are related to surrounding temperatureAutotrophsphotosynthetic organisms Chemosynthesisinstead of solar energy to make carbon carbonsbreaking down inorganic compounds chemical energyParasites dont consume a whole plantfeed on leaves they dont benefit form killing you they keep you alive so they can feed off for a longer period of time Predators take out whole animalsHoloparasites dont produce chlorophyll or other pigmentsfeed off plantsDodder wraps around other plant stems and penetratessucks out nutrientscarbonreduces biomass by stealing its energy and nutrientsDodder is Abiomass of the hostlarger the parasite the more it reduces the size of the host Chemosynthesisbacteria involved in nitrogen cycleimportant for plant nutrient uptake Obscure that bacteria are in ventsunusual environmentsin the soilimportance with the nutrient cycle A lot of these bacteria are involved in the nitrogen cycle transforming it from one form to anotherInstead of using the suns energy to fix carbon use these different ones 1Capturing of electrons gives you redu
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