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Marine Biological Zones

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Marine Biological ZonesIn terms of ocean you can divide it up into zones Tide will bring water upgravitational forces Intertidal are wetdry and salty Near shore like lakes Pelagic area all waterTides are generated by the gravitational attraction between Earth and the moon and sun Ocean water rises and falls in most near shore zones twice daily Terrestrial sediments carried to shorelines by rivers form shallow marsh zones that are dominated by emergent vascular plants Periodic flooding of the marsh at high tide results in a gradient of salinity Organic matter trapped in salt marsh sediments ma serve as a nutrient and energy source for nearby marine ecosystems mangroveex of trees and shrubs that become adapted to salty conditions next to Rocky areassea starsstar fish barnaclesmuscles foundthings that can hold Desiccationdeal with under water for part of the day and dried out for the rest Currently trouble with coral reefs Related with climate change Open water in oceansanalogous to what we seeOceans are big but weve done a lot to impact the orangehow much weve impactedalready done a lot in terms of fish population We have effected our earth
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