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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

EvolutionChange in the frequency of alleles over time within a populationCausing species to evolve Descent with modification Biological Evolution is change in organisms over time It includes the small fluctuations in the population and the genetic makeup of a population as it changesHorn size is a heritable traitrams with large horns will have offspring that have long hornsHigh heritability for these sheep Since trophy hunting selectively eliminates rams with large horns it favors rams whose genetic characteristics lead to the production of small horns So trophy hunting is causin the genetic change over timeDescent with modificationnot only do descendants have modificationthey are very similar to their ancestors but they are also different in a relatively small number of ways When this occurs both descent and modification can be observed The way the sediment was laid below the lakedate them very clearly based on depth in the rock once the largest bone pelvic but over time the size has decreased relative to the size of the fishes body 1Complete pelvic bone 2Pelvic bone became flattened and twisted into the rock as the fish fossilized 3The pelvic bone is greatly reduced 4No pelvic bone Went from being a unique fossil to descent where th
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