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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 - Quantitating Gene Regulation

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Biology 2581B
Jim Karagiannis

LECTURE 15 QUANTITATING GENE REGULATIONSo far we have examined gene regulation in a strictly qualitative manneroie transcription levels of lac operon were high or lowoie presence of glucose in the growth media decreased transcription of the lac operonQuestionso Is it possible to examine at the transcription of genes in a quantitative manneroIf so what could this tell us about transcriptional regulatory networksGoal create mathematical models of two simple genetic networksoModel of simple activation XYXtranscriptional activator Ytarget geneoModel of repression XYXtranscriptional repressor Ytarget geneQuantitating Gene RegulationSchematic of differential equationBox represents level of the message that is present within the cellTwo parameters affect how much message accumulates within that boxrate of production and rate of degradation b and aHigh production high b and low degradation low alevel of gene in the box increases level of message is highLow production low a and high degradation high alevel of gene in the box decreases level of message is lowRate of degradation depends on how much Y is in the box at any given instant tim
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