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Business Administration 1220E Lecture Notes - The London Free Press

Business Administration
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Business Administration 1220E
Greg Smith

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Moondi 1
Kiai is a new corporation full of many strengths and weaknesses. Some of the strengths that Kiai
comprehends are that of being a new company therefore being more innovative. Also, since
Mills is a business student he comes with a good business background to run the company as he
is aware of how to advertise it, who his target audience should be and how to meet his goals.
Kiai also provides its customers with a unique way to advertise their products amongst the
university and Fanshaw campus along with many other individuals who interact with the Kiai
employees in meetings or any other events that requires them using their laptops. Another major
strength of Kiai is their price. Since they are a new company their prices aren’t very high which
help them attract new businesses making it easier and cheaper for these companies to advertise.
Moreover, Kiai consists of a team who have the ability to, when asked, present a short, casual
sales pitch about the company’s they are advertising on their laptops. They are also guaranteed to
be found at many locations, some more permanent than others, throughout the year, thus making
the advertisements disposed to a much wider audience, within and outside of Western or London.
Some weaknesses that are faced by Kiai consist of it being a new company. While being a new
company provides Kiai with opportunities, it also acts as a weakness for them since there are
many other competitor businesses in the market that provide the same services. Companies such
as Western News, The London Free Press, The Gazette, etc. not only provide the same services
but also attract more customers as they are distributed within the entire city targeting about
250,000 readers and not just The University or College campuses. These companies have lasted
in London for a much longer period resulting in businesses turning into their loyal customers.
Another disadvantage of Kiai is their number of employees. Even though the ten employees
working for Kiai are dedicated and hard-working, they are not enough people to capture the
attention of 30,000 students and additional faculty members on both campuses. Moreover,
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