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Business Administration
Business Administration 1220E
Trina Ruthes

Marketing Report Course: Business 1220 Section: 002 Instructor: Trina Poulopoulos Submitted By: Maxwell Gallop Student Number: 250641059 Submitted For: Bruce Nashman Date Submitted: December 7 , 2011 Marketing Report Executive Summary This marketing report has been made for Bruce Nashman, the director of Camp Wahanowin located in Ontario, one-and-a-half hours north of Toronto. Wahanowin is a residential summer camp that aims for providing an opportunity for campers to develop friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. The marketing challenge is to develop an effective marketing strategy that will increase August enrolment and profits. What the marketing strategy covers:  Pinpointing the exact target market to promote to. Parents or Children  What promotional strategies Nashman should pursue in targeting this market  The projected increase in enrolment and associated revenue After much consideration it was decided that parents would be the most optimal target market for Camp Wahanowin, given the fact that parents are more likely to be aware of advertisements, and primarily because they are responsible for making decisions for younger children. Once Wahanowin’s promotional efforts reach parents, they will have an excellent understanding of what Wahanowin is all about, and therefore, have the ability to essentially advertise the camp to their children and friends. This creates a word-of-mouth reputation, suggesting that children will tell their friends about the camp, teenagers will encourage their younger siblings to attend as well, and the overall effect of targeting parents will hit more potential consumers than targeting specifically younger children. Furthermore, after parents have influenced their younger children to enrol, Camp Wahanowin is presented with the opportunity to maximize profits. Ideally younger children will continue to return to camp after having an enjoyable first year experience. The younger the children are when enrolling for the first time, the greater number of years they have to return as customers before potentially becoming staff, this is how Wahanowin maximizes their profits. Nashman exemplified strong marketing capabilities and creativity when creating his website for Camp Wahanowin. However, the website is significantly out of date and needs improvement, especially with the growing market for online advertising. A website overhaul is a critical attribute to the development of Wahanowin’s marketing plan because, second to word-of-mouth, the internet is the next place parents will look to inquire about the best camp to enrol their children. The website must be aesthetically appealing and contain all the information necessary for a parent to understand what Camp Wahanowin represents. Moreover, adding Waha TV to the website would be a strategic promotion to parents who want to in some way experience summer with their child. It would also be useful in demonstrating to parents the wonderful experiences children encounter at Wahanowin. Additionally, in order for more parents to be aware of the new website, advertisements must be displayed in the Toronto Post Magazine. For the greatest impact, the ad must be large so potential customers do not miss it. Typically, families are looking to enrol in a camp during the summer season through the months of October and March; therefore advertising should begin in September and end in February so Wahanowin is fresh in the Consumer’s mind. Further awareness and appeal can be created by the cost free creation of Facebook groups. These groups would help gather previous and existing customers, who could then help market to potential customers. Based on the proposed advertising and promotional strategies, the July session for 2011 is projected to reach 97% enrolment, and more specifically, the August session to reach 75% enrolment. These percentages indicate an enrolment of 788 campers, 338 who are in August, who are expected to generate additional $40,095 revenue from 2010. $20,577 total revenue after subtracting the cost of this year’s strategic marketing plan. With this marketing strategy, Wahanowin will continue to grow and face exceptional success in the camping industry. 1 Marketing Report Marketing Challenge Bruce Nashman, owner of Orillia’s Camp Wahanowin in Ontario, Canada, is faced with the challenge of having a marketing strategy that will target campers for the entire summer, and more specifically, increase the attendance for the camp’s August session. This comprehensive marketing plan will analyze Wahanowin’s current capabilities and the competition it faces in the camping industry. Marketing recommendations will then be made based on the established implications gathered from the analysis of the company. The three main objectives of the report are to determine a selective target market, the greatest methods of promotion, and whether or not to start a partnership with Toronto Prep School (TPS). Internal Analysis – Corporate Capabilities Finance Since the 1950’s, Camp Wahanowin has ended every fiscal year turning a profit. Significant portions of the profits are then reinvested back in to the camp’s facilities and activities. Given the willingness and dedication demonstrated by the owners of Wahanowin, financially supporting this marketing venture is achievable. As a summer camp, Wahanowin has also battled the dilemma of seasonality by renting out its property during the spring and fall season’s to produce a substantial amount of additional revenue. Marketing Despite the need for the improvement on promotional efforts, Wahanowin is an acknowledged camp that has been in business for over 50 years. The combination of being a recognised member of the Ontario Camping Association (OCA) and the steady financial success experienced by Wahanowin, have made it a recognizable camp in Ontario. Wahanowin’s current promotional tools, such as their online website and ads in the Toronto-based Post Magazine, 2 Marketing Report have clearly been effective in the continual success of Wahanowin, but the aspiration’s to increase marketing efforts will put Wahanowin above and beyond the industry standard. Operations At the moment Camp Wahanowin can accommodate up to 450 campers and 200 staff members. According to Nashman, the July session had run at a 95 per cent capacity, with August only reaching a capacity of roughly 60 per cent. The August session is a concern that increased promotional efforts should improve. Human Resources A management team of four runs Camp Wahanowin throughout the year, a long with an additional 200 staff members during the summer months. Bruce Nashman, the owner and full- time director of Wahanowin, graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and completed his Master of Science degree in leisure studies and services at the University of Oregon. His education, combined with the life long experiences of being a camper, staff member, head staff, and then director, have made Nashman the most valuable asset to Wahanowin’s management team. His wife Patti, participates actively at the camp by being a surrogate mother to campers. The second director, Peter Thistlethwaite, completed teacher’s college at Queen’s University and then took on a teaching position before joining Wahanowin as a full-time director. His wife, Tan Robertson, also works at the camp as a full-time office manager. She similarly completed an undergraduate degree at The University of Western Ontario. The educational background and camping expertise that each of these manager’s bring to the table, are what make Camp Wahanowin such an enjoyable, and successful experience. 3 Marketing Report External Analysis Industry Analysis (PEST) The recent economic recession and rising number of helicopter parents has had an impact on the demand for residential summer camps. Wahanowin is considered to be a premium camp in Ontario, so the price for enrolment is higher than many of its direct competitors. Combining this fact with an overnight summer camp being considered a luxury activity, many families may be discouraged from enrolling at Wahanowin. Furthermore, helicopter parents are having their children attend day camps or stay close to home more during the summer months in order to spend more time with them. Competitive Analysis There are many other residential summer camps located in Ontario that act as direct competitors to Camp Wahanowin. Word-of-mouth plays a significant role in the decision making process, so it’s critical that all marketing efforts stimulate a social response in the minds of Wahanowin’s target market. As discussed earlier, the increasing number of helicopter parents is in turn fostering the popularity of day camps. Day camps are also half the cost of residential camps, which makes them much more affordable during the time of an economic recession. However, day camps aren’t located on lakes, thus taking away the opportunity for campers to participate in water intensive activities. It is also recognized that deeper friendships are created when participating in overnight camps. Speciality camps are also increasing in popularity as an alternative to a regular day camp. Nonetheless, speciality camps lack the variety of experiences and friendships that occur at residential summer camps. Partnerships are also increasing in popularity so that residential summer camps can create more exposure to potential customers currently attending day camps. More partnerships are likely to be created because of the increase attendance to day camps, so residential summer camps will be looking to capitalize on this 4 Marketing Report market. Wahanowin currently has a partnership with Green Acres Day Camp. Summer travel is an elite camping experience offered to young teenagers. Trips vary from extreme camping in the wilderness, to traveling around the world to more upscale locations. These trips are highly priced, targeting more affluent customers. Wahanowin shouldn’t have to worry about this competition at the moment since the market for such trips is relatively small, especially during the time of an economic recession. Wahanowin also offers an exceptional camping experience by offering a wide range of activities to the extent of including activities such as golfing, trapeze flying, and water-skiing, and archery. Most of which are rarely available at other camps. In connection with its competition, Wahanowin offers a life long, memorable experience because of the opportunity for campers to develop strong, lasting relationships. Having been successfully in business for over 50 years, Wahanowin’s staff are well qualified for providing an exceptional experience to its campers. Furthermore, being a residential summer camp, Wahanowin provides the children with the chance to develop strong relationships with their peers, and to also acquire leadership and social skills that will last them a lifetime. Customer Analysis The possible target markets for Camp Wahanowin are either children or parents. Both play an important role in the decision making process of distinguishing which camp is most suitable. However, because parents are the initial source of income, they are most likely paying for their children to go to camp, therefore making the final decision of which camp their children will attend. This could affect Wahanowin’s overall marketing strategy by having it cater more specifically towards parents by including more information that points out the safety, staffing requirements, and essentially, the leadership and development opportunities provided at the camp. Parents are also more inclined to send their children to a camp that has a wide variety of activities that their child may have never participated in before. On the other hand, children are 5 Marketing Report more focused on what type of activities are provided to see if they serve their specific interests, largely because children aren’t open to experimenting and change. A major distinction is the influence word-of-mouth has on each target market. Parents are clearly influenced by word-of- mouth reputation, but they can be more easily influenced by an appealing marketing plan that provides a significant amount of information about the camp. Yet children are almost entirely influenced by word-of-mouth reputation because they are more inclined to attend a camp that their friends are attending. Children may also like to hear “inside information” about Wahanowin that they otherwise wouldn’t know about, such as what type of friendships are made, and what activities go on at night, to name a few. Target Market Parents would be the ideal target market for Wahanowin because parents are more easily influenced by the promotional efforts Wahanowin is considering to offer. Given t
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