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Classics Lecture #21

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000
David Lamari

3/25/2013 4:17:00 PM March 25, 2013 The Flavian dynasty and the adopted empors -The Flavian dynasty consolidated the Roman Empire -The adopted emperors built on this reinforced empire and ushered in its golden age. Titus Flavius Vespasianus -He was a successful military commander -Suddenly Nero committed suicide and soon the empire was in a civil war known was the year of the Four Emperors -He believe that he was the future ruler after finding a number of omens and oracles -Collected a lot of taxes -There was uprising in Egypt -Started a huge building program -On the foundation of Nero's golden house he started building the Colosseum The Flavians -The son of Vespasian and succeeded the throne -Reowned military commander -Conquered Jerusalem Domitian -Last empor of the Flavian dynasty -The brother of Titus -Declared Emperor by the Praetorian Guard -Deified his son and his wife, giving her the title Augusta -Assassinated by court officials, who was all happy at his death -The army took his death badly and insisted those responsible to be punished Nerva -Declared Emperor the same day of Domitian's death -He was selected by the Roman Senate, the first time the Senate elated a Roman Emperor -He could not asset authority over the army and there was a revolt that forced him to adopt an heir -After a deliberation he adopted Trajan, a young and popular general -He died soon of natural causes, he was old -Trajan deified him after his death Trajan -Did extensive public building programs and social welfare policies were implemented -He left many landmarks such as Tranjan's Forum, Tranjan's Market and Tranjan's Column -Very VERY loved, even till today Hadrian -Hadrian was appointed right before Trajan's death, they're maternal cousins -Built the Hadrian wall for protection -The area was now called Palastine -This was one of the mist peaceful time of Roman history -But orderly does not equal the best -But some ppl were happy, with the stability and absence of conflict -This was the one point in history when the society finally approached peace -He adopted Antoninus Pius who is not that important -With Antoninus Pius’ ruling, there was nothing to talk about #lame Marcus Arelius -The last emperor of this golden age was Marcus Aurelius -We call it the golden age because it was a time of peace and prosperity -Aurelius was the epitome of the idea of the Philosopher King -He is a stoic, so he believes everything happens in accordance with nature -He was very often fighting battles along the boarders -A time marked by war and disease -Battled with Parthian empire and won -The returning soldiers brought some type of disease with them back to Rome that lingered for years and whipped out a portion of the population -The son of Aurelius, Commodus, was adopted Commodus -This was against the wishes of everyone it was unknown why he did this -Commodus spent lavish amount of money to become a Gladiator -Later he was strangled by his body guard -It’s interesting because in all conspiracies were done by family or body guards but never by senators -Also a conspiracy never succeed except Julius Cesar Severans Septimius Severus -Septimius Severus was an African -He lived in a subside of Syria -Married to a native of that region, named Julia Domna -She got all sorts of title such as the Mother of Rome -When he died he tried to divide the Empire through his 2 sons -He got his power from the army and didn’t care about the senates etc. -One son killed the other very soon -Shortly after he died a law was passed: The Constitutio Antoniana -This Constitution said everyone in the Roman Empire was a citizen The end of the Severan stage -Elagabalus ruled at the end of the Severans -He was a transvestite and a open homosexual -The person who succeeded him was a teenager boy who was put on the throne by his aunt Adopted Emperors -Tragan -Hadrian -Antoninus -Elagabalus -These were the only ones that ran for around 20 years -Everyone else ran from a few month to a few years -Military power was too strong -Because power change happened too much that ppl lost respect for them -Hence we call this the third Century Crisis Pompeii Pompeian Forum -Now we’re going really far back -It was a typical town, in every way -Random random stuff -Graffiti was common -There was public graffiti -There were amphitheaters there -There was riots breaking out -Amphitheater was so big that it was designed for not only the town but for a lot of the near by areas as well -Rome wanted none of that so they closed it Vesuvius Erups - Mount Vesuvius eventually destroyed Pompeii -It erupted
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