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Lecture nov 24

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 2800A/B

[bÈŶŸÈŵŴ ZWb[bZYb_[Z WSZZY` WXZSÈWZV` ZY# Ŵ $W\XWVZ[W^UW\U_(SVSZVV)__W) Ŵ ZVW^c[^V+XZS [W[XS[^`S_ 4 [W_US\W,[ZWcS)-[a^ZW) Ŵ Wb[V[X-[),Y `, [\W,b`S`)XW_` W[_`\^WU[a_` ZY[XS Ŵ (`_` WS^/[XS W^[`[^_/[ZW0_XWZTS``W Ŵ W^[0_^WcS^V_°[Z[a^`2#SZVY[^/W[_#Ê` W)cT[` [a`bW S_SX[^[X[^`S`),X[^ WXSUW_SZWS^)VWS` ZTS``W Ŵ V^WZS^WSZ[` W^X[^[X[^`S`) Ŵ $S\W[X/W[_U W_XY `ZYS`^[) 4 Z\[^`SZ`U[ZUW\`ZaZVW^_`SZVZYc S`[`bS`W_ W^[W_ Ŵ WWZ`^SZUW_`[` WaZVW^c[^VcW^WS`W$`^WWSZVZSUUW__TW^WY[Z_[X` Wc[^V Ŵ [a_a_`U^[__[bW^S^bW^T[aZVS^)# 4 W^W_ST[S`SZ`[US^^)_[a_SU^[__`)$,U W^[Z# Ŵ W^TW^a_+SSZ)4 WSVWVV[Y` S`YaS^V_` WYS`W_[XSVW_`S_/YbWZ`[W^S/W_# Ŵ W^W__` W\_)U [\[\ ( Ŵ S^W),5Wa_S[c_SaU/)_[a`[Y[`[)_aS\S^SV_WXa[XY `SZVa_U# 4 bWZ`[ WZWSa_ Ŵ S^`S^a_+` WUWS^[XSVW_,WbWZXa^` W^TW[c` WaZVW^c[^VÊ` W [W[X` [_W_ZYWV[a`X[^` W[_` [^^TW\aZ_ WZ`_6 ŵ7 `)a_ 4_[Z[X5Wa_ 4`^WV`[^S\WW`[Z[`_a\\[_WV`[_WW\c` SY[VVW__# 4/WVT)^`W_SZV\[[ 4Z` WaZVW^c[^V W_`WV`[` WY^[aZV,SZVŶba`a^W_VWb[a^ _bW^_[a^UW[X\S__[Z# Ŷ7 SZ`Sa_ 4_[Z[X5Wa_,cS_Zb`WV`[VZWc` ` W[V_ ÀST^[_S+[^`S W_Z0`_a\\[_WV`[WS`VbZWX[[V 4_`[W` W^VbZWX[[V 4`^WV`[XWWV __[Z W[\_`[` WY[V_ZS_`WcÊY[V_^WXa_WV`[WS``W$UW\`WW`W^c [cS__`Z [a^ZZY#,S`W __ [aVW^ 4c WZ` WY[V_\a` TSU/`[YW` W^,` W)YSbW S_ [aVW^SVW[Xb[^) 4Z` WaZVW^c[^V, WcS_`SZ`S9WVT)X[[VSZVcS`W^-a_`[a`[X _^WSU ŷ7 _)\ a_ 4_[Z[XW[a_,S`^U/_`W^ 4 W`W_a\ SZS`[_WS` #_[` S`Z[[ZWUSZVW 4^W_^WWS_W_ SZS`[_,SZV_)\ a_VW_ 4 W`^U/_SVW_T)`WZY _cXWZ[``[\W^X[^XaZW^S^`W_,_[SVW_S[c_ `[Y[TSU/`[;`W _cXW [` W^c_W0 4 W_`S)_V[W_Z[`Y[TSU/V[cZ`[aZVW^c[^V#aZ` WV[W_[X[VSYW 4 _\aZ_ WZ`ZSVW__`[^W\WS`WV)^[S^[U/a\S Ÿ7 ($[Z 4X^_``[/ _/Z_SZXS` W^4Z4Sc#T^WS/_SZ[S` 4Z[Y[VU[aV\a^X) 4[a`[X\`),5Wa_\W^X[^WV\a^XUS`[ZSZVcWU[WV S[ZY` WY[V_ 4($[Z` WZ`^WV`[_WW\c` W^S 4W^SSVWSU[aVbW^_[Z[X W^WZ`Sa^[_cS_T[^ZS_S^W_a`UWZ`Sa^_^W\^W_WZ`` W_SbSYW_VW[XS W^[UXYa^W# 4\aZ_ WZ`6 WcS_`WV`[Sc WWSZVcS_^[WVS[bW^` Wc[^V (= = Ŵ )` _TWYSZ`[^WXWU`` WVWS[Xb^`aW0_^WcS^VZ` WSX`W^XW Ŵ [\[Y^S\ )[XSVW_aZVW^c[^V#TWU[W_[^WU[\W$ 4 XXW^WZ`^WY[Z_X[^VXXW^WZ`b^`aW_ [bÈŶ?ÈŵŴ Ŵ W)S^WZ[`Y[V_,` W^WX[^W` W)S^W_aT-WU``[VWS` ,Ta`` W)\W^X[^S`S_/c U S/W_` WY^WS`W^` SZ aSZ_ Ŵ ZS)_`W^)+[ZW0__WX Ŵ W^[U_`[^W__WW/`[VW`W^ZW [ccWSVV^W____aW_[X[a^_WbW_ ( Ŵ bZW\S^WZ`@ aSZ\S^WZ` Ŵ `^SZYWT^` ,SZV` ^WS`WZWVS`T^` T)S [_`WX[^UW Ŵ S^)V_\S)[X_\WUS\[cW^_ Ŵ VaUS`[ZZW$WÈ_[S`[Z,SZV[X`WZWVaUS`WVT)S_a\W^ZS`a^STWZYW,Z)\ ,UWZ`Sa^# Ŵ W]a^WV`[V[S`S_/,[X`WZZb[bZYSZ\[__TW`S_/^_/ZYXW# 4 (W#` W-[a^ZW)`[` WaZVW^c[^VSZVTSU/W^S/W_VV` _ŷ`W_ Ŵ S)ZY[XS[Z_`W^[^\[cW^Xa[\\[ZWZ`T^ZYZY\^[`WU`[Z`[\W[\W# Ŵ bZWS___`SZUWSZV[\\[_`[Z 4 [V_S^WZ[\\[_`[Z[bW^` WXS`W[X` W W^[ Ŵ W^[^W`a^Z_ [W,_\^`aS)`^SZ_X[^WV S_Y^[cZSZVWS^ZWV# Ŵ S_aZ S\\)V[W_`US^^SZYWWZ`_V[W_Z0`a_aS)_W``WV[cZc` ScXW# Ŵ S_STW_`X^WZVc [a_aS)\[__W__W_S]aS`)` S`` W W^[USZZ[`\[__W__ Ŵ W^[VW_S_`^SZYWVWS` ,Ta`YSZ__[W/ZV[X[^`S`)Z`W^_[X` W^WYSU),^W\a`S`[ZB 4 ZV)ZYXSW `W^ZS`W)B 4_W\S^S`[Z,Z`S`[Z,^W`a^Z 4c S``WSZ_`
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