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Western University
Computer Science
Computer Science 1032A/B

Chapter 1Information Systems and You IS in the Life of Business ProfessionalsInfo systemsMgmt info systemIS vs ITIS in BusinessShape of things to comeWhat is it all aboutMgmt Info SystemsWhere are you headed o Accounting Admin Finance HR Marketing MgmtMIS o ImportantEvery business professional every professionalInfo SystemsSystemcomponents interacting to achieve some purposeFive Components of an Info System From the simplesteasiest to change to the most complexHardwareSoftwareDatabridges the gapProcedureswhat we follow to get info to do what we want them to doPeopleInfo System ExampleAirline reservationcheckin o Hardware o Software o Data o Procedures o People Mgmt Info SystemsDevelopment and use of IS that help businesses achieve their goalsobjectivesKey elements o Developmentuse o Info systems o Business goalsobjectivesDevelopmentUse Your PartActive role o Ensuring system meets your needsUnderstand how the system evolvedConsider users needs during developmentLearn how to use the systemConsider o Security o Backup o Recovery Achieving Business GoalsPeople perform the activities of a business o They design produce market accountMIS empowers users to reach goals o Exists to assist in meeting the objectives of the business o Developed for the right reasonsMIS DevelopmentWhat will the system doWhat is the purposeWhat will enable us to doWhat goal do we accomplish by using itWill it aid us in reaching our objectivesInformation Technology vs Information SystemsInfo System IS o System of hardware software data procedures and people that produce infoInfo Technology IT o Raw technologyHardwaresoftwareData components o IT Methods Interventions Systems ProductsIT vs ISIT alone will not help an organization achieve goals o IS includes people in the equation o This impacts how a system is designedimplementedIT must be embedded into an IS to help accomplish objectives o Technology must be combined with people and procedure componentsappropriate way o IS will make IT usefulSuccessful businesses take advantages of these differences to improve their system
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