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Lecture 4

Earth Sciences 1086F/G Lecture 4: GF summary 4

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Western University
Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1086F/G
Elizabeth Webb

Biogas - Produced by anaerobic digestion of organic wastes - CHANOMH - Energy content approx.=wood Methane: - 35.85 MJ/m^3 - Used for heating, cooking, lighting Biogas plants - In EU: >4000 biogas plants energy production = 2.3 million tons of crude oil (2005) - Now over 17 000 - Germany has by far the largest biogas power capacity at 5 GW Anaerobic digestion - Fermentation of wastes and sludges - Treatment of industrial wastewaters - Low energy and operating costs (offset by energy recovery) PROCESS Hydrolysis acidogenesis acetogenesis methanogenesis Carbon short chained short chained acetate, methane Hydrates sugars acids carbonic acid Acidogenesis Glucose CO2, H2O, carbohydrate Acetogenesis Carbohydrate from acidogenesis+H2Oshorter, CO2 +H2 Methanogenesis H2 + CO2 methane Acetic acid (shorter) methane Substrates other than acetic acid: formic acid, methanol, methylamine
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