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Western University
Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences 1086F/G
Deana Schwarz

Chapter 19 – Life in the Universe Intro - Life-forms reproduce - All organisms made of cells o Nucleic acid, protein o DNA holds information o RNA holds instructions from DNA o Genetic code - Carbon Creatures o All earth life carbon based - Evolution o Species evolve by natural selection  Merciless to individual, gives species best chance for survival o New DNA made by mutations to create mutants o The key to diverse life on our planet - Definition o Cellular organisms  Water/carbon based  Genetic info for reproduction, metabolism  Respond to stimuli  Adapt to environment Miller-Urey Experiment - Inorganic molecules creating organic chemicals - 1953 – Stanley Miller and Harold Urey - Repeated electrical discharge - Made amino acids - Murchison meteorite o Had organic compounds and amino acids - Meteorite in Antarctica showed bacteria but not really evidence of life from mars - This experiment did not create life, just made amino acids Origin of Life on Earth - Single celled  multicellular  bones and shit - Bacteria and fossils o Primordial soup  Organic compounds in ocean  Made amino acids, proteins, in hot springs o Prokaryotic cells  Single celled organisms  No nucleus  Asexual  Stromatolites  Made oxygen, but was poisonous to them PARADOX HUR • Oxygen in ocean bound to iron rich ocean o Eukaryotes  Organized, respiration, sexual o Ozone  Requires oxygen o Races  Cambrian period (Cambrian explosion) – change in climate and life Life
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