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English 1022E Lecture Notes - Sonnet 18, Bleeding Love, Gynaecology

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English 1022E
David Bentley

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english lecture november 9, 2010
Shakespeare Sonnets
On Board:
-Lyric poems aim to have one single, unified effect.
-Lyric comes from Lyre (musical instrument) frequently in the Renaissance lyrics were set to
music. Therefore they’re very musical and lyrical sounding
-Subject matter is usually intense feelings that would accompany love, death, a wedding, etc.
-14 Line Poem consisting of iambic pentameter, rhymed in different ways.
-“Sonneto” Means a brief utterance or small statement and emerged at the time of the
Renaissance in Italy
-Human Reason and Human love/feelings began to occupy more of peoples interests and
-Feelings and thoughts became similar in weight as their beliefs and their faith
-Christian Humanism: One one hand you have issues of belief and faith; human issues of
feeling and thought on the other hand
-Humans lost their sense of being placed here in this central place by God. This evaporated,
and thus made people realize that human beings are at the center of Earth, and they are at the
pinnacle of what is here on Earth. They are above the animals, below the angels. Human
capacity to understand the world came to the forefront
-Focus on the world and exploring the world
-Focus on trying to understand the human mind and human feelings
-Dante and Petrarch
-Petrarchan Sonnet divided into an octave and sextet with a break in between them
-Octave : ABBA ABBA
- Sextet: CDC CDC, or CD CD CD
-There are A, B, C and D rhymes in a Petrarchan sonnet.
-Especially good for comparisons and contrasts. You can set up an idea in the octave and
either contrast that in the sextet or elaborate it.
-Petrarchan Conceits: An idea, primarily a simile, metaphor or analogy. Some comparison
operating through 4, 6 or 8 lines of the octave. Comes from the concepto word. There has to be
a concept here.
-Analogies that relate human beings to objects in the natural world.
-Human beings in the natural world
-This form is a beautiful way of responding to that; the conceit comes the vehicle for it
-What kind of comparisons? Lovers having eyes like violets. These are developed over the
lines. Series of comparisons working together to make the conceit
-Seasons of the year “My beloved is hot like the sun”
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