Film Studies 1020E Lecture Notes - Soviet Montage Theory, Eyeline Match, Point-Of-View Shot

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Editing I
06 October 2011
Mise-en-scene and Editing:
- Do the Right Thing
- animations for the opening scene (can't be done without editing)
Cinematography and Editing:
- Rules of the Game
- M (the image presentation)
- combining shots is editing
- can take you places (public to private for example)
Mini Editing Quiz:
- wipe, right to left (goes vertical/horizontal), Star Wars (1977)
- iris out
- POV, eye-line match, rhythmic editing (Bonnie and Clyde, 1967)
- insert
The Cut:
"the break and the common border that separate two shots from two differnt
pieces of film"
Early Editing:
- joined to create larger sences
- trick editing
Classical Editing:
- feature length film
- parallel editing
- cuts together actions
Disjunctive Editing:
- Soviet era montage
- editing is used poemticly
- shows two different scenes, but similar
1959 onwards:
- modern disjunctive editing
- french new waze
- a lot more cuts (shorter scenes)
Elements of Editing: Key Terms:
The Continuity Style:
Narrative Space:
- verisimilitude: the quality of having the appearance of truth
- the camera shows use everything in a scene that is appropiate to see
- you have a choice of what to see
Contunuity or Invisible Editing:
- establishing shot
- close-ups of differing degrees (shot/reverse shot sequences)
- re-establishing shots
- option: inserts
- not to draw attention to itself
180 degree rule:
Eyeline Match:
- eyes are at the same level on the frame
POV shot and reaction shot:
- shows what the characters see
- then cuts back to her reaction
- i.e. The Birds, 1963
Narrative Time:
Linear and Non-Linear:
- begining to middle to end
- non-linear is when is disrubded
- flashforwards and flashbacks
- dissolve to the next scene, or wavy lines
Duration and Pace:
- ellipsis - "significant temporal abridgment"
- long takes - no cut (long duration)
- dissolve - a passing of time
- Hollywood Montage - series of events set with music
- it compresses images, otherwise it would get boring
- creative cutting - suggestion of ellipsis (beach sense in Jaws, passing of time
when people walk past Chief Brody, anxioity)
Match on Action:
- two shots were a shape is used to transition to a scene
- bone to space-ship in 2001 (1969), shows progression and they are in the same
class of technology of man