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Origins Of The European Peoples
Greek and Roman Heritage 1/14/2014 11:30 AM
Europe As Territorial Grounds Of Classical Civilizations
Western Civilization
Medieval Europe is the first Christian civilization in Europe
Before Medieval Europe, the Greeks and Romans were not Christian
Big emphasis on enlightenment
Greek Civilization
The Greeks built an amazing empire around the Mediterranean, plus
some fringe areas, like Britain
The Greeks
Centered their social and political life on the polis
Encouraged the principles of democracy, freedom, rationality and
agency (legacy of Western civilization)
Encouraged participation, intellectuals, art
Greek geography: Minoans (Crete) and Mycenaeans (Hellenic
Later also Macedonia ruled by Alexander the Great
Venus of Milo
o Venus = Goddess of love
The Romans
Great architects and engineers
Development of urban areas
Development of agricultural techniques
Hygienic improvement of population
Roman law
Realistic Art (painting and sculpture)
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