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American South: Slavery, Vessy, and Nat Turner

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HIS 3321E
Eric Jarvis

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American South Oct 19th
Summer of 1800 Prosser/ Richmond VA Conspiracy
Plan to kidnap the governor
200 men supposed to enter Richmond aug 3
Prosser organized this he recruited ppl and info got out
Someone informed the authority
Militia and slave patrols are called out
No attack ever occurred but the 20 planners were killed
Vessy 1822
Vessy was a free black
He came up with a conspiracy with 80 people
Get to the arsenal take some guns etc
Militia is called out eventually vessy and other rebels are killed
There is some controversy whether there was a conspiracy or not
1831 Aug 21 Nat turner
Nat Turner was a slave (field hand)
Lead 60-70 people against whites were 60 people were killed
Nat did not have a lot of resources but he became he believed he was meant to free the
slaves (like freeing the jews)
Plans made at the last minute so there are no snitches
Plans made by 21 attacked that night
Wanted to take the county seat
Eventually whites came out with other slaves and ended the revolt nat escaped on the run
for 9 weeks but was eventually captured and killed
Black slaves who are turning on other black slaves.
Theories: that there is much brain was and Stockholm syndrome
Or there is an assumption by the slaves that if there is a rebellion everyone suffers and
therefore they want to stop it
Internal slave trade
Plantations are moving east to west
They are bringing their slaves with them
Natural increase in slaves
A lot of internal movement - masters moving states
Slaves are being sold from different states (there is no more import of slaves)
Slave markets some people sell slaves when they don’t need them (assuming some kind of
surplus or their business goes under)
There are professional traders
Number of slave trading companies
Who own ships and have “slave hotels where they would keep slaves until they could sell
These slave traders were not seen negatively. They made a lot of money.
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