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22 Mar 2012

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Age of Absolutism 1660-1789
Absolutism: the rule by one monarch who controls through bureaucracy and a standing
An absolute monarch can do ALMOST anything but is still subject to the law. The
monarch answers to no on/ is above no one but God
Absolutism is a response to the Iron wars which was filled with many wars and Turmoil. It
is an attempt to create social harmony.
Rulers agree to Rule and Subjects agree to obey
Peasants give up Freedom in return for security and safety
An Absolute Monarch is said to rule by divine right
The best example of an Absolute monarch is Luis the 14th the Sun King who ruled France
in the 17th century
Luis ruled through Money and Might
Jean Baptiste-colbert (money)
Marquis du Louvois (Might)
Changed the setup of the Military
Promotions were given based on Skill not money
Luis “revolutionised” (not really) France
He is quoted saying “I am the State
L’etat, c’est Moi
Tamed nobility by moving to Versailles (in the country rather than the ciry:Paris)
France Replaced Spain as the most powerful state
And French Replace Latin as the common language in Europe.
Prussia is a state in the Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Roman Empire was a medieval collection of stated ruled by an Emperor
The Holy Roman Empire politically fell after the 30 years war but is not formally dissolved
until the Napoleonic Wars
Fredrick William is the ruler of Prussia at the time
Adopted the Absolutist Strategies of Louis XIV
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