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Lecture 9

History 1401E Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Seigneurial System Of New France, Great Fear, Assignat

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HIS 1401E
Pierre Reynard

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OCTOBER 19 and 21 2015 LECTURE
1. A Calling for a Meeting of the Estates General
2. Europe on the Eve of the French Revolution
a. Rebellions in Geneva (1765-1768, 1782)
b. The Pugachev peasant revolt (Russia 1773-1774)
c. The English crown facing rebellions in America and in Ireland as well as
political protest at home
d. Resistance to the innovations imposed by Gustavus III of Sweden (1771-
e. Anti-Hapsburg rebellions in Hungary and in the Southern (Belgian) Low
Countries (late 1780’s)
f. The Dutch Rebellion (Patriot Party) of 1787
3. The Pre-Revolution
a. Shaping the Estates General (Fall-Winter 1788-1789)
b. From the Estates General to a National Assembly (May-June 1789)
4. Confirming the “Revolution”: Popular Revolts (Summer 1789)
a. The Storming of the Bastille (July 14 1789)
b. The “Great Fear” sweeping through rural France
A Calling for a Meeting of the Estates General
When the monarchy found themselves facing problems, he would call on
representatives form members of the three Estates
oOnly the guidance of the three estates could pull the country out of its
The monarchy refused to call the Estates General
oIt could be a good thing or a bad thing for the monarch
oThe last gathering of the Estates General happened in 1614
The people didn’t fully understand what it did
They did understand that all three estates would be represented
Not sure what they are being represented for or why
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OCTOBER 19 and 21 2015 LECTURE
Did not know how it was going to be shaped or their role
oThe amount of people involved, the amount from each estate and the
power that they would have
They people did not know how to make the monarch call an estates general
By July 1788, the monarchy ran out of money and credit to borrow more money
oBy August, the king, Louis XVI, agreed to call the Estates General
Restores confidence which in turn allows financial matters to be
Just bringing up this assembly shows that the monarchy is slowing
losing control of his power\
To what extant is the monarch in control?
Europe on the Eve of the French Revolution
During this time, there was a massive rebellion in Russia, England had lost its
most powerful colony and was starting to lose control of Ireland, the Hapsburg
Empire was also losing control of their land, Sweden was encountering
opposition and the king was assassinated
oPatriot revolutions were beginning to form
Successful examples of reform as also seen
oMostly in small states and failed in large states
Tuscany, Denmark
The 1770’s and 1780’s were not quiet but were also not remarkable
oNo major revolutions took place
The Pre-Revolution
Question came up as to who was going to represent each estate
oIt would be put to a vote
oAll males above a certain age in each estate would elect representatives
of their own estates
It was a very open process
Soldiers and domestic workers were not allowed to vote
They were not free agents
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