History 2201E Lecture Notes - Jonathan Eddy, Intolerable Acts, Promised Land

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Published on 23 Nov 2012
Revolution: Atlantic Colonies
1775: American colony moving towards British colony
Contesting boundaries
Quebec Act gives Quebec the Ohio Valley
Interferes with the fur trade
Considered one of the intolerable acts
Americans decide to attack Quebec City
2 000 Americans go up Champlain
Common route to get to Montreal is up the Hudson Bay and onto Lake Champlain
Very little resistance
American ruin the Roman Catholic Churches
Americans are too radical for the French Canadians
Find that the American solution of independence is too radical
Have trouble breaching the city walls
British troops come down the St. Lawrence and ends attacks
Fort Cumberland
Why doesn’t Nova Scotia join the revolution?
Royalist and other Americans that came from Britain
Some who had come from New England received Acadian lands when the Acadians were expelled
Were thankful of this and paid tribute back to the British
Trade ties between with the two - want to stay neutral for economic reasons
Jonathan Eddy & John Allan
From New England
Came after the conquest for free land
Man with power
No military support
Mass. governor will give equipment if Eddy has enough people to take Fort Cumberland
Eddy threatens people with violence to get people to fight with him
Troops from Halifax emerges, which outnumbers Eddy and Allan
End of hostile forces
Henry Alline and the “New Lights”
Brought new settlers to New England
Family moved to Nova Scotia after precaution
Living through the war as tey are eing aggcned
20% of population in 15 colonies
Some go for down south!
“Nova Scarcity”
Sail up the Nova Scotia
Merchants on o
Farm land is ntc
NB, 1784
Thomas Caletton
Find not eopgh rood s m, ,
New governor
Some loyalists are Africa- Maerican
Dunmore’s Proclamation
October 31, 2012
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