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Political and Economic Developments in the Canadas 1840-64.doc

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History 2201E

Political and Economic Developments in the Canadas 184064 Why the short but stormy life of this period is importantINTRODUCTIONThis complex era in Canadian history was of great importance for the coming of Confederation and for the establishment of many longlasting patterns in political relations between English and French CanadaThe efforts required to make the Act of Union work were in some ways a training ground for the new political system established in 1867 by ConfederationLord Durhams Report 1839 analyzed causes of the rebellions made recommendationsBritish Govts response to the Report Yes to a union of the Canadas No to Responsible Government THE ACT OF UNION 1840 gave Canada East Quebec and Canada West Ont a single legislature in what was now to be called the Province of CanadaEach section could elect an equal number of members in the Legislative Assembly even though Canada East at the time had a greater populationEnglish was the only official languageAlthough this was a legislative rather than a federal union the two formerly separate colonies did retain some separate institutions and practices eg separate systems of civil law Alsoseparate systems of educa
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