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Manorialism and Rural Society Part 2

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Western University
History 2401E

Lecture 26Jan 11 2012 Manorialism and Rural Society contdy 10001300 agricultural revolution o Europe became more productive and more vitable y Practice of land clearing ththo 9 and 10 century witnessed many invasions by Vikings Magyars MuslimsLand was abandoned tho Central Middle Ages witnessed forests being clearedprocess started in 8 century but stalled during Viking Age y Institution of 3field system y Horses began to be used instead of oxens o Horses require less crazing o More effectiveplow more in less time o Innovations created around horses ex horseshoes o New collar invented old collar used to choke horse y More metal tools were invented and usedmore effective than wooden tools y Switch to different plow o Scratch plow previously used o Heavy plow createdHad wheels to easily transport itBecame predominantly used during Central Middle Ages y Improvement in health o Adoption of new techniques and technologies due to those working the fields o Trialanderror word of mouth y Growing surplus after giving requirements to state and Church allowed peasants to sell
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