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Louis VIII

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Western University
History 2401E

Lecture 33Feb 8 2012 Louis VIIIy Policy continued by son Louis VIII o Son took lead in fighting the Albigsean Crusade o Married to Casteel o Continued expanding French power and administration o Came to throne as a boy and mother acted in his place o Incredibly religious o Devoted to ruling kingdom Christian o Wanted to go on crusadesfailed never won any significant crusadesBelieved it was a punishment from God y St Louis built cathedrals and responsible for gold coinage y Acted as an arbiter between disputes y Acted in line with religious beliefs and undertook mission to convert children to Christianity y 1270 died on crusades in Tanesa y Didnt make amount of admin innovations or conquer as much territory as his father Philip of Augustus y Portrayed himself as king who held an identity of an ideal monarch y 1297 canonized as St Louis Philip Vy Philip the Fair y Power came from exerting authority over nearby territories papacy y Held frequent parliaments o French Parliamentgatherings of lords and barons important magnates o
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