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History 2403E
Jeffrey Temple

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Russians Russia has followed a very different path than the rest of Europe Russia does not experience things like the renaissance humanism religious wars Scientific revolution In anyway that is similar or comparable to the west In their isolation they see themselves as the height of culture and the third Rome Kievan Rusloosely organized state before Russia had broad spred cultural ties with the rest of Europe 1472 Ivan the third ruler of Muscovy in middle ages there is no Russia there are independent states marries Sophia Paleologue niece of the last ruler of Constantinople 1453Constantinople Ivan marries into the Byzantine Empire Tsar is like Russian Caesar 1472 Ivan III calls himself emperor but he does not have clear territorymost of what is today western Russia was under the rule of the Mongols Mongols would leave behind administrators who would watch over there is indirect controlbut then this empire is too large so is broken down into Khanates The Russian Khanate was the Golden HordeIvan calls himself emperor but he is not because his state is not independent In 1500 the Golden Horde collapses Ivan claims rulership over all of Kieven Rus bu
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