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Lecture 25 - The Hundred Years War: 1338-1453

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 25The Hundred Years War 13381453 I Introduction y Conflict between England and France tho Nothing new to people of the 14 century o Old enemies by 1338 y Lack of enthusiasm towards conflict ended when Edward III rises to the throne o Edward III more like his grandfather Edward I y New drive for conquest in Brittany and Gascony y Some stunning victories for Edward III o 1346Battle of Crecy o 1356Battle of PoitiersCaptured King John of France held for ransom y France has substantial advantages o Larger wealthier and more heavily populated than England20 million French people vs 55 million English people o Startling that the English were so successful but French resources won out o Edward better at mobilizing goods than French kingII Origins of War y Gascony still held by the English king y English king essentially a vassal of the king of FranceEngland o Feudal overlord for Gascony noty Edward III did swear homage to the French king Philippe of Valois y Feudal issue of Gascony a major problem y Gascony o Worth fighting for o Substantial income for the English crown o Great for making wine Bordeaux o Honour of the kingEdward III felt obliged to protect his inheritance as best he could o King Philippe took the land on the basis that Edward had housed one of his enemies y Scotland o Robert the Bruce dies o Still Balliol claim to throne o French king cant manage what he wants in Scotland o Bruces heir flees o Auld Alliance from when French allied with Scotland during Scottish Wars of Independence y France resented Edwards activities in the Low Countries Belgium and Netherlands o Edward III married to Philipa of Hainault
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