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Lecture 37 - Reign of Richard III

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History 2405E
Barbara Murison

Lecture 37The Yorkist Kings Reign of Richard III I How it comes about y Once Edward IV is dead to conflict between the Woodvilles and Richard of Gloucester flare up y Only king who had a northern affinityy Richard declared protector of the realm and to promote the succession of his nephewII Sources y Will of Edward IV hasnt survived Gloucester most likely made protector of his two sons who were living at Ludley Castle in Wales y Richard had to return to court to protect his claims y Elizabeth Woodvilles brother returns to protect the two princes acts as their guardian o As a courtesy they meet with Richard of Gloucester who later has them arrested y Gloucester anxious to control the new king y Queen and the younger son took refuge at WestminsterIII The Princes in the Tower question y Richard tries to use his patronage powers to get people to support him and his claim o Very ambitious man coul
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