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Intro to Enterprise

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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

Northern Enterprise - Canadian Business and Labour September 6th 2012 Office in Stevenson Hall 2123 or [email protected] THE COURSE • How did business and labour evolve? What roles did the state play? • Interpretations? - in class participation, on paper - two essays and an exam • Course Readings - two textbooks and a review of a book, and some online mini notes • Grading - participation 20%, book review (end of this month 1pg - this is what I'm reading) 40%, final exam (2hr) 35% • Participation, group work 4%, individual posts 3 of those worth 12%, index cards 4% • Essay to be submitted to turning in, attach the receipt to your essay • If I miss a class - email him right away to post things REVIEWING A BOOK • Read the whole book • Think while you're reading • Have your opinions and voice them, it's not a summary it's a review, you have to have reasons EUROPEANS • Staples Theory - we believe that things are changing faster than they have ever changed before, looks at how the economy emerged under mercantilism - opposite of free trade • Staples beginning - fish, furs BEGINNINGS • Staples theory believes that in an Internet in the 40s. Began to argue how do we understand the economic development. We build the economy by selling raw resources • Export led growth (penetration by Canadian market by foreign capital) - volatility (of the Canadian market resulting from the fluctuations of global price and demand) - structural weakness (a national development trapped • Unevenness and destabilization (of regional development minimal national unity, maximal regional particularity) - regional trade imbalance (regional over specialization, chronic import dependency and joblessness) - indebtedness • Staples theory is called a trap because it creates undeveloped economies, narrow economies lack local control, reliance on outside -unpredictability, no incentives for local development FIRST NATIONS SETTINGS • Business but on a differing set of bases • Sophistication on a par (at least) with the European EUROPEAN SETTINGS • Rise of powerful nation states • Emergence of capitalism - this is claimed to be natural but there's no such thi
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