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Lecture 4

lecture 4 - national changes

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History 2125F/G
Peter Krats

Lecture 4 National Policy: Business and Labor Changes Montreal • Finance • Industry • Richest city Toronto • Industrial Toronto • Trade • Canada’s number 2 city • National policy at work • Half of all manufacturing in Ontario • Montreal and Toronto dominating finance • Rest of country has very few banks and very small Mercantilism • West digs it up east produces it and sends it back Corporations as Citizens • Limited liability and joint stock ownership i.e. Protect the investor normalized • Corporations have “rights “as “citizens • Protection of property • Broader legal protections • In short, corporations gain the RIGHTS of an individual “Managed Firm” • Someone is running the firm for the benefit of the shareholders • Efficiently and scientifically • All kinds of ramifications • Have to have bureaucratic in the company • More paperwork • More clerical staff “Scientific Management” • Idea that you can make things more efficient • Fredrick Taylor Taylorism • Time and motion study • Some negative effects from this • Might even push into the efficiencies • Emphasize the clock you can try to get there • When he starts to do this he realizes it is not possible he spins a way in order to try to get people to want to work harder • 1904 – 1911 – making workers glad to do it • Reactions? • Some supporters of the national policy • Was it good for mechanics and farmers? The Railways • Created a lot of work • A lot of men killed – blasting – exhaustion • How much were compensated • Workers intentionally create an image of ownership for the railway • White workers – who did what? British Columbia • Big trees • Imagine the work • Some poor living conditions Mines • Mond mines 1915 • By now mining has been going on since 1880s for 30 years • No safety equipment • Coal miners Stellerton N.S 1905 & 1912 • Is this a good economy for workers or a place where they face difficulties Farm instead? • It is hard to start out west and become a farmer • Expensive New equipment a challenge • Easy to fail • Got free land and lost it Industry • Meat packing • Clothing factories – textiles • Women work for a lower wage • Children make even less • Rental tenements could get really bad • Immigrants do not have the money • Winnipeg one room for the family • Herbert Holt in Montreal and other business leader have very nice homes • Dunsmuir home in BC • Henry Pellatt spends so much money on his home he goes broke • Human distant cities • Industrial success but for many there are wage challe
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