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Lecture 15

Health Sciences 1001A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Caffeine, Dsm-5, American Psychiatric Association

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

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I. Addictive Behaviour
A. Habits that have gotten out of control, w/ a resulting negative impact on a
person’s health
B. Five characteristics typically associated w/ addictive behaviours:
1. Reinforcement
2. Compulsion or craving
3. Loss of control
4. Escalation
5. Negative consequences
II. The Development of Addiction
A. Many behaviours are addictive, but most people who engage in them do not
develop problems
B. If a person becomes dependent and a tolerance develops, the behaviour is likely
to become a central focus in the person’s life
C. No single cause of addiction
1. The individual, environment, and substance/behaviour combine
2. Individuals w/ increased trouble dealing w/ stress may become more
susceptible to addiction
3. Some people may also have a genetic predisposition to addiction
III. Video: “Addiction”
A. What is addiction?
1. Concepts: brain issue; psychological or physiological; vulnerable groups;
dopamine receptors
a) Most addiction starts between the ages of 18-25, very rare over 30
b) Right medication paired with therapy can work well to treat
c) Addiction is the result of adaptations in the brain the lead to
changes in the brain leading to the inability to control behaviours
associated w/ the drug
d) To admit that you are suing the drug not out of free will, is very
difficult for people to accept and understand
e) In addiction, the part of the brain that gives free will is influenced
by the drug
f) There is a debate going on if addiction is psychological or
(1) “A disease of the brain, that translates into normal
g) There are some people that are genetically vulnerable to addiction
h) There are some environments that pose a high risk to addiction
(1) Ex: high levels of stress, abuse, easy access
i) You are more likely to become addicted if the drug is started in
childhood or as a young adult
j) All drugs activate the dopamine pathway
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