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Health Sciences 1002A/B
Jessica Polzer

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HS1002a - Social Determinants of Health Guiding Questions on Film “Bitter Medicine- part I”, National Film Board of Canada Who were the key players involved in the process of establishing national health care insurance in Canada? What roles did they play in this process? - Province of Saskatchewan - T.C. Douglas – first covered hospital fees, then doctor fees as well - Royal Commission of Health Services - Women of Saskatchewan started the anti-tuberculosis movement - CCF supported free health care for all - In 1954, CCF was brought in - Recruitment of doctors from other countries had to come out to help when it was necessary - Pro Medicine Forces – established local health clinics – community clinics were being opened and being run by the doctors from other countries, and a few local doctors - Lord Steven Taylor – managed to effect a settlement between Saskatchewan and doctors – doctors retained the right to bill their own patients directly and opt out of Medicare What major events influenced the development of national health care insurance as shown in the film? - Movement of immig
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