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Shauna Burke

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Film Drug abuse 3152012 84900 AM What is addiction Brain issue or psychological vulnerable group dopamine reception Understanding Relapse Gostop brain process relapse factors of triggers stress cognitive brain therapy Addiction Addictions usually start between ages 1825 years of ageRight medication and right therapy Medical solutionWhat is addictionResult of adaptation in the brain that leads to changes in behaviour to keep taking in problem Heard to accept as a reflexCant regulate own behaviour loss of freedomArea of brain to make choices is not working properly Psychological diseasecomes out of brain Drug addiction is disease of brain that translated into abnormal behaviour Interaction between genes and environment so some people are more vulnerableAddiction is a disease like heart diseaseAll disease have different behaviours to facilitate it Dopamine naturally occurring in body is a major roe in motivating behaviour by constructing pleasureBrain has Natural reward system for survival Drugs of abuse hijack brains dopamine effects DrVolkows research compares people addicted to drugs vs people not addictedo Drugs reduce dopamine production thus some people can only feel pleasure through doing the drugo Meth patients MRIno res no dopaminebrain damage risk of neurological diseases Science shows that brain has remarkable ability for recovery
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