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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Health and the Environment

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2000A/B
Leichelle Little

LECTURE 3: Health and the Environment Guest Prof • Urban Planner o Downtown revitalization o Long-term planning • City building is what planners do: quality of life is the goal (healthy = happy) Importance of City Building and Health • Early Civilization and Indoor Plumbing o Cholera Epidemic 1800’s • Industrial Revolution o 1900s Density – Crowding – Epidemics • Rise of the Automobile • Sprawl related o Reliance on vehicles, low activity o Obesity o Cardiovascular issues • 81% Canadians living in urban areas (WHO, 2011) Increasing Environmental Pressures • Industrialization • Rise in Emissions • Resource (mis) management • “Smog” Days and Air Quality Impacts • Decreased Quality of Life o Rise in Asthma Heat Island Effect • Paved/Covered surfaces increase heat, draws in more emissions and particulate matter (chemicals) • Reflective surfaces • Less vegetation to absorb solar radiation Response • Green Technologies • LEED standards – leadership in energy and environmental design o Sets bar on how efficient building is • Energy conservation • Renewable Energy • Urban Design – architecture City Adapting to Climate Change • Thames River and flood impacts on infrastructure • Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission • Slope stability study • Emergency management preparations • Business continuity planning Demographic Shifts • People make our city • “Boom Bust Echo” (David Foot) • Baby Boomers • Smaller Households • Less Kids • Lifestyle changes • Aging Population: o Housing o Mobility/Transportation o Recreation Facilities o Healthcare
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