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November 16 2009 Lecture

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2711A/B
Treena Orchard

HS 2700 A Nov 16, 2009 Lecture Notes • Parallel Messages about sexuality and disease from the past • through visual images • we used to fight the bubonic plague and TB, but now we fight VDs (venereal disease) • venereal disease is feminized • sex and sin can potentially lead to death Article Reading: Male Youth Street Culture • setting the stage: • growing concern about youth, especially young men, and how they spend their leisure time (drinking, smoking, drugs, hanging out, nuisance) • The media attention and piecemeal policy responses reflect the “moral panic” that surrounds these young people and their behaviour • much of the literature published focuses on individual “high risk” behaviours as the problem •vs. a more contextualized understanding of the complexities.... • Methodology • how leisure time was in relation to young menʼs lives • Methods: Ethnography • multi-local term • can be used in different ways • Methods: Participant - Observation • observe people they work with • Some Dilemmas about fieldwork • gender is an ethical issue • how to gain entry to his observational community • wanted to be seen as someone who is interested in their lives • wanted to learn their lives from their perspective
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