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Health Sciences 2711A/B Lecture Notes - Sexually Transmitted Infection, Sexual Script Theory, Boogie 2Nite

Health Sciences
Course Code
HS 2711A/B
Treena Orchard

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HS 2700 A
Nov 16, 2009
Lecture Notes
Parallel Messages about sexuality and disease from the past
through visual images
we used to fight the bubonic plague and TB, but now we fight VDs (venereal disease)
venereal disease is feminized
sex and sin can potentially lead to death
Article Reading: Male Youth Street Culture
setting the stage:
growing concern about youth, especially young men, and how they spend their
leisure time (drinking, smoking, drugs, hanging out, nuisance)
The media attention and piecemeal policy responses reflect the “moral panic” that
surrounds these young people and their behaviour
much of the literature published focuses on individual “high risk” behaviours as the
vs. a more contextualized understanding of the complexities....
how leisure time was in relation to young menʼs lives
Methods: Ethnography
multi-local term
can be used in different ways
Methods: Participant - Observation
observe people they work with
Some Dilemmas about fieldwork
gender is an ethical issue
how to gain entry to his observational community
wanted to be seen as someone who is interested in their lives
wanted to learn their lives from their perspective
good idea to appear curious, but not nosy
illegal/legal conditions needed to be negotiated
Developing Rapport
being aware of how you are being perceived
Article Reading: Findings: ʼSeaviewʼ
Findings: Leisure and Excitement
8-10 core participants
talked about women
Findings: Alcohol
drinking was very common
alcohol = fun and laughter
drinking made them noisy and aggressive
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