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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Attentional Problems  Broad Internal o Paralysis of analysis o Overanalyze o Too many options  Narrow Internal o Too self-aware o Locked into own ideas and feelings o Become distracted *Typical focus under stress  Broad External o Too much information processing (confused) o Difficulty distinguishing among cues o Make same mistakes over and over (not enough analysis)  Narrow External o No adjustments (rigidity) o Can't react to changing situation o Stay too long with original plans o Wide individual differences in attentional style and it is constantly shifting from one style to another  Distractions to attentional focus: o Internal  Past events (mistakes)  Future events (“what ifs”)  Overanalyzing mechanics  Fatigue or lack of motivation  “Choking” - example of process  The Choking Process  Conditions leading to choking  Important competition  Critical plays in a competition  Evaluation by coaches, peers and parents  Attentional Changes  Internal focus  Narrow focus  Reduced Flexibility  Physical Changes  Increased muscular tension  Increased breathing rate  Racing heart rate  Performance impairment  Timing and coordination breakdown  Muscle lightness and fatigue  Rushing  Inability to attend to task relevant cues o External Distracters  Visual (clappers)  Auditory (crowd noise)  Gamesmanship (trash talk) o TAIS: Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Style (Nideffer, 1981)  17 item questionnaire to help determine attentional strengths and
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