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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

- Act out similar behaviour and also get reinforced for doing so (bobo dolls – kids watch adults beat up dolls – more likely to do the same) - Expect rewards (verbal, pat on back, more playing time, ect.) for being aggressive - Important role that significant others (coaches, parents, pees) have on the development and/or control of aggression (establish norms of acceptable behaviour – positive role models) 4) Berkowit’s Reformulation of Frustration-Aggression Theory - frustration increases the likelihood of aggression by increasing arousal/pain (not always the case) - this will lead to aggression IF socially learned cues signal the appropriateness of aggression in that specific situation (opportunity available, minimal retaliation, previously condoned or rewarded) Disinhibition – lose social inhibitions when observe occurrence in esteemed models Frustration  increased arousal  socially learned cues signal appropriateness of aggression  aggression (failure, goal blockage) (pain, anger) Spectator Aggression - fan violence – no cathartic effects found - Various triggers (or combinations of them) associated with fan violence: o Watching players be aggressive o Younger males o Crowded conditions o Influence of alcohol o Rivalries Game/Moral Reasoning - Players and fans learn that being aggressive in sport is OK while the same acts are not acceptable in normal society - We tend to behave collectively in ways we would normally shun individually (bracketed morality) - Imp
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