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Kinesiology 1088A/B

2. Breath Control Breathing is usually automatic and spontaneous (autonomic) but you can take control of your breathing pattern and direct your breathing response When anxiety or fright triggers a biological alarm response, the normal pattern of breathing changes – sharp inhale and hold breath rather than rhythmical exhale You must first recognize that your breathing response has changed and then do something about it (self- monitoring) Breathing Control Strategy 1. Inhale – slowly count to 4, fill lower abdomen (not chest) using diaphragm 2. Pause momentarily with full breath 3. Exhale slowly – count to 8, long/loud sigh 4. Do 3 or 4 slow breaths in a row while sensing a relaxed feeling wash over your body as tension dissipates 3. Other Immediate Coping Techniques  Attention Control Training  Centering  Mental Rehearsal (Imagery) 4. On-site relaxation a. Self-monitoring of somatic tension levels b. SMILE – takes the edge off tension (relax jaw, neck, hands) c. Have FUN – enjoy the experience, look forward to the activity d. Practice stressful situations (simulate pressure) e. Take your time – slow down the pace, maintain regular routines f. Stay focused on/in the present – leave last play behind, forget about “what happens if?” g. Have a game plan – easier decision making, scouting & spotting opponents 5. Arousal Induction  Consciously increase breathing rate  Act energized  Positive self-talk  Energizing music  Arousing imagery  Warm up/workout Incentive Motivation Definition: the value attached to the possible outcomes
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