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Lecture 2

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Western University
Kinesiology 2904Q/R/S/T
Vickie Croley

Lecture 2 Cardiovascular Respiratory Training Endurance: refers to length of time heavy work can be continued CV: length of time we can work at a specific intensity utilizing the CV system Aerobic Activity: continuous moderate intensity exercise using large muscle groups for at least 15 minutes Anaerobic Activity: high intensity exercise that exceeds the body’s capacity to utilize oxygen -Anaerobic Alactic: 0-30 seconds -Anaerobic Lactic: 30 seconds – 3 minutes (when lactic acid is present) Goals: -improve/ maintain performance -improve/maintain bodily functions -lose weight Intensity: -based on %VO2 max or % HR max -CV training increases = resting HR decreases and VO2 max increases -progressive increase in intensity, over time lead to increase CV function When Determining Intensity: -A combination of different intensity “gauges” can be used: 1. Talk Tests -talking to partner should be possible but not too easy (70-75% max HR) -talking becomes most difficult, above ~85% max HR 2. The Borg Scale -rate of perceived exertion (RPE) -assigning numerical values to subjective feelings of exercise exertion -rating of 3-4 corresponds to ~60-70% of max HR or 40-50% of VO2 max whereas rating of 6 = ~90% of max HR and 85% VO2max -client should exercise between RPE 4-6 -look in manual for more details 3. Equation Training HR = max HR x 65-85% max HR = 220 – age *low estimate max HR = 210 – (0.5 x age) *high estimate -70% of max HR intensity guidelines
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