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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 23

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Western University
Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition thLecture 23Friday November 4 2011 Project QuizQuiz in class timesame format as the midterm multiplemultipleBut based on the 3 papers that are listed on the instruction sheetUse PubMed to locate papers read them through a few times meet with classmateslog onto PubMed through the Western Library Site so we dont have to pay for them o Good or bad study o What they did o What they foundAbstract brief summaryIntroduction o Talk about why what they have done is important o Past workhow it leads up to what they didMethods o What they didExperimental designResults o Figurestables dataDiscussion o Interpret what all the results meansBetaalanine o Used by body to make carnicine buffer of acid formation in muscle o When you exercise hard and form a lot of lactic acidAccumulation of hydrogen ion shuts down glycolysis y Why you cant exercise hard for a long period of timeIf you can buffer than ion you will prevent it from accumulating and allow you to exercise longerWhat betaalanine is proposed to doCan bring summary sheets in to class day of quiz make a mean summary sheet o Can use them to answer questionsWill specific statistics be asked o Maybe know in the ballparkGet the big picture o Know how betaalanine worksMost logicalbuffering capacityMight ask when it will work best with regards to which kinds of exercise intensityBonus questionProteinChapter 5Slide 1
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