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Exercise Nutrition - Lecture 29

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Kinesiology 3339A/B
Peter Lemon

KIN 3339AExercise Nutrition stLecture 29Monday November 21 2011 SitesSlide 24Model of Antioxidant ActionSlide 25SchematicNot expected to memorize itShows how freeradicals can be formed and how negative impact can be minimizedTop left o Normal metabolism o Free radicals can form from protein and lipid o Extremely hazardous to healthReaction is through vitamins and mineralsreduce the toxicity of compound y Vit EVit Cmakes free radical not have its damaging effects y Enzyme that has some minerals in it copper and zinc o An increase in some vitamins intake will decrease the free radical productionFatSoluble VitaminsSlide 26 Fatsoluble vitamins o Bigger store in body o Easy to consume toxic amounts if you supplement excessively o Harder to produce a deficiencyCould take months or longer to show up if your diet is inadequateVit A o Besides Vit C and Vit AAlso has antioxidant functions o Founds in limited foodsLiver few people eat dairy products and fish many vegetarians dont eat o Form of the provitaminsPrecursor that can be converted into Vit A in vegetablesprovitamin ADespite the fact that its in limited foodsbecause you get provitamin Adont need to supplementVit D o Plays a major role in calcium regulation bones and teethIf you are deficient bones will be softerRicketsdeficiency disease o Dont need to know the structure But Vit D structures compared with hormone structure
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