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Psychology of Sport - Lecture 1

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KIN 3388BPsychology of Sport Chapter 1The Nature of Groups thWednesday January 11 2012 SEE PAGE 20Figure 14A conceptual framework for the study of sport teams Group Dynamics Defined A field of inquiry dedicated to advancing knowledge about y The nature of groupso What is it about sport teams that makes some successful and some not y The laws of group developmento Groups proceed sequentially through some predictable stagesDoesnt matter if youre a sport team or a work group etc o The way in which the relationships develop within a groupquite predictable in some stages y Relationships with individualso Groups have relationships and expectations for individuals o Ex We meet at 5 and the group always meets at 5but when someone is latedisrupts the group relationshipexpectation y Relationships with other groupso The major relationship that sport teams have is COMPETITION y Relationships with other institutions Groups are Important in Terms of y Their number family church intramural sports work social etc oAt any one time people are involved in 7 groups o All of those groups can vary in how effective they areIts important to understand what makes them effective y Influence on individual behavior o Mode of dress way of interactinginfluenced by the people around usGroups can change an individuals behaviour y Prevalence in sporto Even individual sports compete in groupsy Belongingness satisfies a fundamental need o Having a connection with another set of people o Cannot do with out o Argued by psychobiologists that this need is wired inIts innate o Caveman daysIf youre a lonertrouble getting food protecting myself surviving y Likelihoodmy genetic pass on to other people would disappearThose who were used to cooperating in groups successfully passed on their genetics to future generations
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