Kinesiology 1088A/B Lecture Notes - Theory Of Planned Behavior, Health Belief Model, Exercise Intensity

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Published on 27 Nov 2012
Determinants of Exercise Adherence
Personal factors
- demographics (income, education, occupations, age, gender)
- Behaviour (past program, participation, diet)
- Cognitive/ personality (self-efficacy, self-motivation, beliefs, expectations)
Social Factors
- Social support can come from:
o Important others (physician, colleagues)
o Family
o Exercise leader
o Other exercisers
o Task and social cohesion
- Social support has a small to moderate positive effect on exercise behaviour
- Adherence behaviour is more strongly influenced by social support from important others than
from family members
Situational Factors
- Convenience of exercise facility
- Lack of time
- Climate
Program Factors
- Exercise intensity
o Moderate intensity level best for exercise adherence and maintenance
- Group exercise
- Exercise leader
- Cost
Theoretical approaches to exercise adherence:
1) Health belief model
a. Likelihood of engaging in preventative health behaviours depends on ones perception of
the severity of a potential illness vs. that appraisal of costs and benefits of taking action
b. Example: potential illness associated with not exercising are serious, he or she is at risk,
pros outweigh the cons = individual likely to exercise
2) Theory of reasoned action
a. Intentions are best predictors of actual behaviour
b. Intentions are the product of attitude towards a particular behaviour and subjective
norms (beliefs about others’ expectation and motivation to comply with them
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