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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2000F/G
Robert Babe

MIT 3000 Class Notes 9192013 63200 AM Designing and Critiquing Research Methods for the Digital AgeLes three methods of learningExperience authority and science Experience and its personal flaws Difficulties with plain experience1 is science unique 2 blah blahii WHAT IS SCIENCE WHAT IS ITScience NEVER PROVES ANYTHING because there can always be something out of the norm that fucks shit up Classic Kuhn being subject to revolutionhow is science different from the other two methods 1 its open to change deterministic and experimental If you know the cause you can predict the effect Each of the properties of science challengedsciencehumanitiesarts quantitativequalitative positivisminterpretiveRaise issues concerningontology nature of reality what is there to know epistemology how to acquire knowledge given what there is to know how do we know it axiology issue of value how do we know what is valuableEach of these features challenged 1 Systematic observation preconceptions reactivity artificiality reductionism You may react to the artificiality of the situation placed on sociologypsychology2 Objectivereplicable objectivity impossible everything interpretational create not discover unique empathy have to be completely detached from what theyre observing is that possible Empathy they try to be objective and have no empathy for what theyre studying exscientist brainwashing peeps3 Quantification 4 Isolate relations everything relational to everything else 5 Experimentalfalsification interpretations not falsifiable many truths Interpretation is not subject to falsification6 Deterministic reductionist systems artificiality freedom randomness 7 Parsimonious Occams Razor unique blah blah 8 General vs thick descriptions unique complex reductionist 9 Open to modification different interpretations no more true no more cutting edge rather tadditionsOntology Is it discover or is it create is it simply described to us as apart of this chaos patternedordered or chaotic Epistemology Is objective knowledge possible objective or subjective discover or create test or describe Axiology Value comes into this Pascal the heart has reasons that reason will never know general or particular birds eye view at things or are we engaged at the very particularunique causation or freedom affirmation vs opinion Is the researching interested primarily in causation or freedomSome major problems with QualitativeInterpretive Critique of ScienceSome major problems of Interpretive Critique1 radical nihilism what is validgood interpretation If everything goes back to totalitarianism 2 radical non communication we are always talking at some degree across purposes 3 radically conservativetotalitarianpoverty is in the mind of the viewer you could think theres a rich of wealth is radically concerned what IS poverty Its relative Totalitarian how do you get from absolute freedom to totalitarian Believing that theres nothing but opinion is totalitarian Slash whoever can yell their opinion the loudest is totalitarian because no one elses thoughts matter4 against experiencethere are patterns what would it be like to live without patterns or if we created all the patterns there is causeeffect why would anyone put a hammer to a nail if they didnt believe in causeeffectthere is technologywe DO communicateunderstand each other2 Critical Realism Critical RealismPositivism Interpretiveobjective subjective quantitative qualitative causation descriptive empiricalholisticpower doesnt know how to check itself exReagan and not caring about Deacon Murdock GoldingCritical Realism
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