Media, Information and Technoculture 2100F/G Lecture 3: MIT 2100 Lecture 3

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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2100F/G
Nick Dyer- Witheford

MIT 2100 - Lecture 3 - Commodification and Culture • The Commodification of Culture o Cultural objects and services are increasingly made to be brought and sold on capitalist markets • Historical Eras of Cultural Production o Pre 1700s: Patronage and artisanal (craft) o From 1700s on: Market professionals e.g. authors and musicians producing books and music for sale o 1900s and 2000s: Corporate professionals - cultural producers become parts of huge corporate conglomerations, with a complex division of labour o Alongside continuing market professionals o Plus state and public service cultural creation • The (Corporate) Complex Professional Era o An “adaptation of Raymond William’s concept of the ‘corporate professional’ form of cultural production o Whereby, starting from the early twentieth century, but increasing from the mid- twentieth century, o [Cultural production] became professionalized and more organized new media technologies appeared, advertising became increasingly important and larger numbers of people worked for cultural businesses than in the past (Hesmondhalgh 415) • Corporate o What is a corporation? o A very big business. o More specifically, a legal entity, with the rights of an individual to make contracts, o Owned by shareholder, o and enduring beyond the lifetime of its individual owners • Conglomerates o A conglomerate is a corporation that consists of a group of businesses dealing in different products or services • A Complex Division of Labour o Creative personnel o Technical o Managers o ‘Unskilled’ manual labour • Marketing
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